Happy Dipping: A countdown of dippable delights

Make your spring get-togethers memorable. As abundant as menu options can be, there’s only one dish we feel really brings everyone together: a zesty guacamole

To save you time trying to figure out what to dip in your guacamole, we searched for, tried, and listed dippers for you. Count down with us and get ready to guac! 

Shrimp Guacamole Dipper

Chilled shrimp: Super light and great handling. Swap out the cocktail sauce for a zesty bowl of guac.

Baked Crackers Guacamole Dipper

Baked crackers: Baked doesn't have to be bland. Just grab a cracker and dig in. 

Taquitos Guacamole Dipper 

Taquitos: Regular tacos weren’t made for dipping. Taquitos solve that problem.

 Raw Veggies Guacamole Dipper

Raw vegetables: Embrace the fiesta with these delicious snacks.

Quesadillas Guacamole Dipper

Quesadillas: Cheese, protein, and guacamole - you couldn’t ask for a better combo in a finger food.

 Pita Guacamole Dipper

Pita: Put down the hummus and slowly walk … toward the guacamole.

Potato Chips Guacamole Dipper

Potato chips: We love them but they can be a bit fragile. We firmly believe no chip should get left behind.

Meat on a Stick Guacamole Dipper

Meat-on-a-Stick: To dip or not to dip? You already know the answer.

Classic Tortilla Chips Guacamole Dipper

Tortilla chips: A classic.

Tortilla Chip Scoops Guacamole Dipper 

Tortilla Chip Scoops: The new classic! Never a need to double dip. You’ll get enough on the first scoop.